Saturday, 20 April 2013

Meet Clara! The NEW Visible Image character stamp!

We are very excited to introduce to you…

The very lovely…

visible image character stamp clara steampunk lady

We LOVE her!

Hope you do too!!!

Edgar is very pleased to meet her!

visible image character stamp clara steampunk man

Clara is now available to order over on our website

If you don't already have Edgar
then why not treat yourself to both!

Thanks for visiting, and have a superb weekend!

Mark & Helen xx

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Neil said...

She's great! Definitely a good match for Edgar!

Sue Ashcroft said...

I wonder if they 'get it on!'....Clara is stunning xx

jean.phillips1 said...

Love her, I have my order in! xxx

Lisa said...

Clara arrived today (Wednesday 24th) and I'm totally bowled over by her and she has pride of place in my box of Visible Images :D
Thank you so much for such quick delivery and for consistently bringing out wonderful new designs and roll on payday when I can order some more

Visible Image said...

Thanks guys! Loving your comments <3 xx