Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beautiful sunsets, gorgeous creations!

Hi there everyone!

We are back from a wonderful week away in hot Turkey!

The sunsets were so beautiful there......

Sticking with a beautiful theme, 
I want to share with you some gorgeous new creations.....

This amazing folder has been created by Julie Woodward,
specifically to store visible image stamps. Such a clever idea!

Julie has used our Live Your Dreams, Classic Face,
and Imagine Dream Inspire stamps. 

Take a look at Julie's blog for more detail
(scroll down to August 14th)

 Julie has also made 3 fantastic tutorial videos

Why not have a go at creating a folder yourself!

You can find the videos here:

One of our lovely friends has done just that!

Pop over to Jane Stillman's blog for more info
about her fabulous stamp folder

Jane has used our Live Your Dreams sentiment,  

Isn't it gorgeous! 
Thank you Jane xx

Thanks so much for popping over and visiting our blog!

I'll be back very soon with more amazing creations.

Helen xx


Elizabeth said...

Look forward to seeing and reading more on your blog. Lovely holiday pictures and great projects

jane stillman said...

What beautiful photographs of the sunsets Helen. Hope you are going to Scrapbook them, or even make cards with them?

I must say thank you to Julie, I couldn't have made my folder without her brilliant video tutorials. xx

Thank you Helen for showcasing it. x

Visible Image said...

I will definitely do something with them Jane. I'm thinking about a canvas for our lounge too. xx

nikkib said...

Lovely pictures, what great memories... am loving the folder idea, I must do something like that as my collection of your stamps is growing..... FAST!!!

jane stillman said...

That sounds a brilliant idea. Look forward to seeing it x

emma goddard said...

Beautiful photographs, glad you had a good time. Great projects, lovely work Jane x