Monday, 15 July 2013

Visible Image - New Chandelier Stamp Set

Hello and Happy Monday !

Hope you had a fantastic weekend

We have been extremely busy here at Visible Image HQ
making, cutting and packing stamps like crazy!


are back on

this Sunday - July 21st at 2pm

Sky channel 671 / Freeview 36 / Freesat 813 / Virgin 748

OR download the Create & Craft App

Mark will be bringing you more amazing demo’s
with our superb stamps!

So… we have already shown you two amazing cards

created with our NEW

' Edward Is Immortal '
' Isabella Lost Love'  Stamp Sets

(scroll down if you missed them yesterday)

Today we are showing you two fabulous cards

created with our

Chandelier Set

Stunning work ladies, thank you!

We’ll be revealing all the actual stamps
later on this week!

The quality of our stamps is ‘clearly visible’

Every stamp is 4mm thick and lovingly hand-cut
ready for you to stamp a perfect image!

You’ll find all our stamps over on our website

From our brilliant range of character stamps… superb background stamps… and amazing sets…to our fabulous sentiments and verses

Come and check them out!

Hope you’ll come back tomorrow…
 we have more awesome cards to show you!

Thanks for joining us here on the

And don’t forget to come and join our Facebook Group

See you soon!

Mark &Helen xx

Visible Image 

1 comment:

Wendy McCarthy said...

Beautiful cards! Love the backgrounds in Kay's card and the elegance of Cheremane's. Super stamp set! xx